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50year Cladding Warranty 
We @SIPSGardenRooms are the only company that we know of in the Garden Room industry to offer a 50 Year manufacturers warranty with our "ECO" Slow Grown Spruce cladding.  
The production process changes the cellular structure of the timber giving it the durability of Teak(used in marine applications) and leaving a by-product of Acetic Acid(Vinegar). 
The manufacturer will also offer a 25 year Warranty if the timber is completely submerged in water.  
Invisible Window Heater 
Another first for the industry, is the release of an "invisible" IR Heater integrated into our Double Glazing allowing all the natural light to flood through. This also gives an increase in wall or floor space with the added health benefits of the IR wave frequency which is closest to the suns' natural heat and a reduction in condensation occuring as organic matter is heated and not the air inside the building. 
It really is "invisible" and the only way you are able to tell that something is special about the glazing is when it's installed and only then do you notice the electrical cabling.  
Available in bespoke sizes we can cater for almost any window size.  
2hr Fire Rated SIP Panel 
One of the "limitations" in Commercial Applications(Multi-level)in the past has been Fire Rating of OSB3 panel. We have been working with one of our manufacturers and now can offer a bespoke MgO panel to one(Hybrid)or both sides of the panel.  
MgO board is only just being used in the building industry(UK)and is water/fire/mould/vermin proof, non toxic and structural. It can be left exposed to the elements or finished with a number of materials painted/rendered/brick-slips/tiles..... 
Foundations last a lifetime 
In response to mess, use of concrete and digging one of our foundation options is Alloy Mini Piles(Quadrapile) which by their very nature will not degrade and will last more than a lifetime possibly thousands of years. 
The other advantage is they can be carried through a tight space and also offer a point load kN reading to comply with engineering calculations, another first for the industry 
Off-Site Modular Buildings 
The timber industry is undergoing some big changes and one of these is Off-Site Manufacture.  
Use of HIAB's and larger cranes with modular buildings being constructed on steel frames allow for a cleaner, faster installation time along with a controlled(dry) manufacturing enviroment 
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